Small Adult Groups

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”

Studies and groups that meet together throughout the week:

  • Evening Group meets in a home studying Psalm 119. They also have a focus on being missional in the community together.
  • Evening Group meets virtually to study God at Work, exploring how God works through us in our places of work.
  • Morning Group at the church doing a book study “Be Resolute-determining to go God’s direction”
  • Afternoon Group at the church for women to connect, support, and grow in God together. Currently studying a book on the Psalms.
  • Evening Group meets in a home to study and grow together. Currently studying the book of Titus
  • Evening Group meets virtually with both Yukoners and Costa Ricans! This unique blend of believers allows for some fascinating discussions!
  • Evening Group meets bi weekly in a home to study a book on the Gospels
  • Morning Group meets at the church. This group of men discuss the week, pray, and do a devotional together over coffee and muffins. They have a heart to meet with new immigrants to help facilitate English language skills.
  • Morning Group meets bi weekly virtually. This Mandarin speaking group connects with other believers in Vancouver to study the book of Mark.

Contact us and we will help connect you.

At RBC we have come alongside with Rightnow Media to have resources available for our individual devotions, small group studies, and family spiritual growth. If you would like access to the free gift we have purchased for our members please let us know so we can all grow together.

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